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As the size of cell phone clients expanded, many of us clicked pictures, and in addition, made extraordinary minutes of our recordings. When you get the chance to use your mobile phone to capture video, when you try to play it back on your PC, you will find your head spinning and scratching. This is a defect found in most cell phones, as most of these telephones do not intend to consider the pattern when capturing recordings.

Valid! VLC Media Player, otherwise called Free Media Player, assists with rotating the video in the correct manner and saves it that way. To sort out some way to do this, cautiously follow the means underneath.

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Click On “Video Effects”

Then Click on “Geometry”

Click On “Transform”

Then ok and close video Rotate successful……

How to rotate video in Windows Media Player

From the given link download and install the VLC player

Next, run the VLC media player

Now go to main menu & choose tools click on effects and filters

You can observe adjustment and effects window, now click on video effects tab

Next, click on the Geometry option.

Now the geometry tab is opened and tick on the transform, now select rotate by 90 degrees

With VLC media player, you’re able to play rotated video in the right angle and save the correctly rotated video. In the VLC main menu select tools and click on preferences.

Under show settings select all option.

Click on sout stream and select transcode. Now select video transformation and click save button

And return to main menu choose media and select convert or save

Click on add, to add the corrected video file. Click on the drop down arrow

Now click on desktop to browse, and give a new name for the converted file.

Select the output on the same page as Video–H.264 + MP3 (MP4)

On the profile settings form, click on audio codec tab

Next, click on the drop down arrow select mp3 click save option

Go to the convert windows, to began the conversion select the start button

Now you can play your converted video in the media player of your choice.

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