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Epson L220 Reset | Service Required | Epson Adjustment Program 

Epson L220 Reset: Hello, everyone. Welcome back to my website. Learn about the problems and solutions of Epson’s printers today. How To Easily Fix Service Required Error Issues, This Post I am sharing about your device reset, read my post carefully.

Epson L220 Resetter

This post will explain clear when showing the device errors are all the LED lights on the printer flashing? Does the Service require an error while printing and fixing both documents, and the printer is not working correctly? Don’t worry; we have the solution here.

Epson L220 Resetter & Printer Driver Download

How do I fix my Epson’s l220 blinking?

Your printer needs to be reset (waste ink pad counter). When the waste ink pad counter reaches the maximum limit of 100% maximum 6207 point Printer error shown, reset the L series 220 How to the machine reset.

 How to Reset L220 Printer’s Waste Ink Pod Counter

  • Open the “AdjProg.exe” Adjustment Program
  • Select printer model & USB Port: USB001
  • Click on “Particular Adjustment Mode”
  • —— Maintenance —–
  • Click on the next button “Waste Ink Pad Counter.”
  • “Check” the main pad counter (right mark)
  • Check the current counter Value…>”Check.”
  • Will showing main pad counter 6200 points (100%)
  • Check the Main ink pad (right mark) and click on “initialize.”
  • Click on “Ok”, and then turn off Printer & Turn it On.
  • Waste ink pad counter 100% points to 0% Resettled “Finish” program.
  • Process Completed Check test print

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Epson L220  Adjustment Program


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